What is intersex?

What is intersex? There are many definitions in circulation. The definition that thisisintersex.org uses gives everyone enough room to give their own

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What is sex diversity?

What is sex diversity? In short, sex diversity is the premise that biological sex is a spectrum with infinite equivalent variations, including

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What is diversity?

What is diversity? Diversity means recognizing, accepting, respecting, and valuing differences among people, for example, on the basis of age, health, race,

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Is [celebrity] intersex?

Is [celebrity] intersex? The internet is full of claims about celebrities being intersex. Don't expect confirmation or denial of that type of

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Not a (pseudo)hermaphrodite?

Not a (pseudo)hermaphrodite? The sleeping Hermaphroditus is a statue in the Louvre. In real life, people are not born with complete

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Is it like being trans?

Is it like being trans? Intersex is not the same as trans/transgender. Being trans is about gender identity and gender expression: how

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