Inter Action Suisse

Inter Action Suisse is a Swiss organisation for intersex people, parents, friends and allies. It strives to educate, provide support among peers,

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IVIM or OII Germany

IVIM, also called OII Deutschland or OII Germany, was founded in 2008 to work on ending non-consensual, medically unnecessary and cosmetic interventions

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Interconnected UK

Interconnected UK aims to provide peer support and a safe space for intersex people/people with diverse sex characteristics  and their loved ones

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Fundacja Interakcja

Fundacja Interakcja is Polish organisation standing up for intersex human rights. Fundacja Interakcja was established to strive towards a world where intersex people/people

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OII Europe

OII Europe is the only intersex-led umbrella organization fighting for the human rights of intersex people in Europe.

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Zwischengeschlecht is a Swiss action group that strongly opposes surgical intervention in intersex children. Zwischengechslecht rejects the acronym DSD because it is


XY Spectrum

XY Spectrum is an intersex-led human rights organization working on intersex rights in Belgrade, Serbia.

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XY-Frauen is a German support group that focuses on people with intersex variations. In addition to fellow support contact, XY-Frauen also focuses

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