TransInterQueer e.V.

TransInterQueer e.V. is a German organization for trans and intersex people. They have an intersex-led project on intersex human rights.

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Plattform Intersex Österreich

Plattform Intersex Österreich is an independent network consisting of VIMÖ (Verein Intersexuelle Menschen Österreich), NGOs, scientists and activists.

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Intersexuelle Menschen e.V.

Intersexuelle Menschen e.V. is an activist group that originated from the German organization XY-Frauen in 2004. Like the name implies, this

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Intersexioni is a collective of activists and researchers that was founded in Italy in 2013. The organization focuses on inequality between


Intersex UK

Intersex UK is an intersex organization in the United Kingdom. Wikipedia: Intersex UK Wikipedia: Intersex rights in the United Kingdom

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Intersex Russia

Intersex Russia is a Russian intersex organization based in Moscow.

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Intersex Danmark

Intersex Danmark is a Danish intersex organization.

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Intersex Belgium

Intersex Belgium is a Belgian intersex organisation. The website is still under construction.

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