Which name is better, intersex or DSD?

That’s not how it works. When the word ‘better’ is used, it means something else is ‘worse’ and that doesn’t apply here. Opinions can be diametrically opposed, but a philosopher will say that both views can still be ‘true’. Ancient Greek philosopher Pyrrho pointed out that two views can coexist because the opposite can be argued against each view with equal reasonableness. According to him, no one view of a subject can be accepted as true without doing injustice to the adherents of another view. He therefore concluded that one should not pass judgment on another’s view. This applies, by the way, not only to the choice of words, but also to the definitions used.

Intersex and DSD are all about the definition of both words. For example, parents of a child with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) may say that their child has no masculinization of the genitals (anymore) and that CAH is therefore not an intersex variation or a DSD. That is a different truth than that of the adult woman who does use the word intersex because she perceives the influence of increased testosterone production in the adrenal gland in her body. Everyone is entitled to their own definition and therefore their truth.

Too complicated? Then go with the shorter version: respect each other’s views. Someone who says they have an intersex variation has an intersex variation. Someone who says he/she has a DSD, has a DSD. Someone who says he/she has neither, has neither. Period.