What is sex diversity?

In short, sex diversity is the premise that biological sex is a spectrum with infinite equivalent variations, including male and female. It is an inclusive designation; meaning that everyone is part of the concept of sex diversity.

But diversity also requires the recognition that some groups have privileges and that other groups are disadvantaged. In the case of gender diversity, privileges have arisen because the cultural view of gender does not correspond to reality. The cultural view generally assumes, for example under the influence of religion, that there are only two genders: male and female. In the prevailing cultural view, people who are born with a body that does not conform to the cultural view of man and woman are1People who are born with a body that does not fit within the social constructs of male and female are usually referred to by terms such as intersex people, DSD patients, people with sex variance, etc. often considered inferior. An attempt is made by society to adapt these individuals to fit the prevailing cultural view with medical, psychological, and social interventions. Forced conformity to the prevailing cultural view leads to serious human rights violations that are rarely investigated or prosecuted.