A category in the group Themes includes a series of articles that are intended for more than one tarot group. The theme healthcare for example, is focused on intersex people themselves, parents and people who work in healthcare.


Interphobia is characterised by a dismissive attitude and negative feelings towards intersex and intersex people. Interphobia manifests itself as contempt, prejudice, aversion, hatred or antipathy. This may lead to the discrimination of intersex people: excluding, insulting or treating intersex people differently. This article gives examples of interphobia and discrimination of intersex people.


Sports & Intersex

Top female athletes with androgen levels in the male range are required by sports federations to undergo medical treatment before they are allowed to compete again in women's competitions. This requirement is now under fire. The fact that doctors involved in sex testing also interfere in the medical treatment of sportswomen is an additional problem.

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United Nations

National governments sometimes receive recommendations under CEDAW, CESCR, UPR, CRC and CaT on the situation of intersex people. But what is that process like? Why is the United Nations allowed to lecture national governments and how does that work?

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