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Helpline numbers

Here you will find an imcomplete list of intersex organisations and inclusive organisations when it comes to intersex. Patient or support groups, human rights and LGBTI organisations are also included.

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There is a great international intersex community out there. Even though the experiences of intersex people are extremely diverse, because no intersex individual is the same, intersex people often have similar experiences. Uniting with other intersex people can be of great importance for your mental health, happiness, understanding and acceptance of yourself.


DSD variations

It can be important to know what kind of DSD diagnosis you have because it allows intersex people to recognize themselves and their bodies. Some forms of sex diversity described as DSD require health care. It is essential to be informed about your body, health, and options, so that you can make informed decisions on the kind of health care you want and need.

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What do my doctors mean?

Intersex people are in their life often in medical environments. Knowing what your medical professionals mean and what interventions are possible and necessary is extremely important for intersex people and carers of intersex children. More information allows for better protection of themselves or their children.

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Intersex is a social concept because intersex people have to deal with the social consequences of living in a society that is set up completely on the idea that there are two types of people: men and women. The reality is much more complex (in both the aspects of gender and sex). Although intersex is a social concept, sometimes intersex people do need some kind of healthcare. Here you will find information on healthcare for intersex people.



On this page some publications are listed that might be interesting when you're interested in learning more on intersex and the experiences of intersex people.

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