This category contains articles that may be of interest to allies – that is, people who, without self-interest and without being directly involved themselves, ensure that a directly involved person is not alone.


There is a great international intersex community out there. Even though the experiences of intersex people are extremely diverse, because no intersex individual is the same, intersex people often have similar experiences. Uniting with other intersex people can be of great importance for your mental health, happiness, understanding and acceptance of yourself.


Regional declarations

There are several regional declarations around the world that have been written by intersex communities. The Malta Declaration broadly describes what the international intersex community wants to achieve. Regional intersex organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, and Oceania have added their own statements.

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Intersex inclusive policy

How can you include sex diversity and intersex in your policy? And on what basis can you do so? It is often thought that ending the non-consensual, unnecessary medical treatments that are often performed on intersex children is the only thing intersex organisations work on. But in reality, sex diversity and intersex should be visible in many policy areas.

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Sports & Intersex

Top female athletes with androgen levels in the male range are required by sports federations to undergo medical treatment before they are allowed to compete again in women's competitions. This requirement is now under fire. The fact that doctors involved in sex testing also interfere in the medical treatment of sportswomen is an additional problem.

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