Titel-illustratie bestaande uit een lijntekening en tekst. De lijntekening stelt een kind voor dat naar een teddybeer kijkt. De tekst luidt steun je intersekse kind, een gids voor ouders. Onderaan de illustratie zijn de logos van de vier betrokken organisaties weergegeven: IGLYO, OII Europe, EPA, en NNID.

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About this publication

The first English-language version of Support Your Intersex Child was written and published in 2018 by IGLYO, OII Europe, and EPA. Since then, this guide for parents of intersex children has been translated into Icelandic, French, Greek, Portuguese, Dutch and Turkish. The online version contains footnotes, references, and references that are not included in the pdf version.

The creators


IGLYO – IGLYO, the international Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Intersex (LGBTQI) Youth and Student Organisation. IGLYO is a youth development and leadership organization that works on empowering LGBTQI youth activists, ensuring LGBTQI young people are present and heard and making schools safe, inclusive and supportive of LGBTQI learners. With more than 90 member organizations in around 40 European countries, IGLYO is the biggest LGBTQI youth- and student oganization in the world.

The goals of IGLYO are:

  • Empowering young activists
  • Increasing visibility and highlighting the diversity of LGBTQI youth identities
  • Making education safe and inclusive for all
  • Developing and supporting an engaged and connected network of member organizations

IGLYO achieves these goals through a comprehensive international training and events program, online capacity building, youth representation and participation, digital storytelling and campaigning, and our LGBTQI inclusive education project.

IGLYO is registered as a non-governmental organization in Belgium (No. d’entreprise: 808808665).

OII Europe

OII Europe (Organisation Intersex International Europe) is the only intersex-led umbrella organization working for the human rights of intersex people in Europe. It has member organizations from all regions from the Council of Europe. OII Europe was founded as a network on Human Rights Day, 10th of December 2012 in Stockholm during the 2nd International Intersex Forum. On the 25th of September 2015 OII Europe became a registered charitable NGO based in Berlin.

The goals of OII Europe are:

  • Full implementation of human rights, bodily integrity & self-determination for intersex people
  • Legal prohibition of non-consensual medical & psychological treatment; medical practitioners or other professionals should not perform any treatment for the purpose of modifying sex characteristics which can be postponed until the person to be treated can provide informed consent
  • Promotion of self-awareness, visibility and recognition of intersex people
  • Full protection against discrimination & the adoption of »sex characteristics« as a protective ground
  • Education of society on intersex issues from a human rights perspective


EPA gathers the parents associations in Europe which together represent more than 150 million parents. EPA works in partnership both to represent and give to parents a powerful voice in the development of education policies and decisions at a European level. In the field of education, EPA aims to promote the active participation of parents and the recognition of their central place as the primary responsible of the education of their children.

EPA supports parent participation and cooperation in many educational matters by:

  • Collecting and distributing information through EPA publications, including newsletters, seminar reports, EPA website, discussion forums.
  • Bringing attention to innovation in educational collaboration and distributing information about interesting and innovative educational practices.
  • Promoting ongoing support and training for parents.
  • Promoting research in all areas related to parent participation.
  • Collaborating with various partners in the broad field of education.
Vader en kind zitten aan een tafel, Beiden hebben een pen in hun hand en het kind schrijft of tekent op een stuk papier. Lijntekening gemaakt met een enkele pennenstreek


Original title
Support your intersex child, © 2018 IGLYO, OII Europe, and EPA.

Valenty Kuzilina (Valenty )

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This online version contains a glossary, footnotes and references of the print publication Support Your Intersex Child, A Guide for Parents, ISBN….. which is also available for download as a PDF.

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Twee kinderen zitten in kleermakerszit met de ruggen tegen elkaar. Het linkerkind heeft een laptop op schoot en is aan het typen. Het rechterkind leest een boek. Lijntekening gemaakt met een enkele pennenstreek.
Ouder met een kind op schoot. Samen lezen ze een tijdschrift of een boek. Lijntekening gemaakt met een enkele pennenstreek.