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Social experiences

Intersex is not yet as accepted in society as we'd like. People mostly only want to accept that there are two kinds of people: men and women.

Sex diversity
People are already pigeonholed at birth: you are a boy or a girl. Often this is done based on the person's genitals. The problem is that genitals are not the only sex characteristics because genes, hormones, and chromosomes, for instance, also play a significant role. Every person has a unique combination of different sex characteristics. Therefore, the boxes 'man' and 'woman' are limiting concepts: based on sex characteristics, people cannot be exclusively divided into men and women. Every body is different and unique. Sex is not a dichotomy, but a spectrum with an infinite number of equivalent variations. We call this sex diversity. Everyone is part of the concept of sex diversity, because every human being is somewhere on this spectrum. Sex diversity is the full spectrum of variation in sex, unlimited by the limits seemingly set by the social construction of male and female.